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Suidani challenges MPAs

27 February 2020
Daniel Suidani.

If your intention to be a Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) is to get rich then the Provincial Assembly is not your right place. 

The Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani uttered these words in an exclusive interview with Solomon Star Auki on Wednesday. 

Premier Suidani made this statement in the light of a rumour of a looming motion of no confidence against him by some unhappy MPAs. 

He pointed out those MPAs who are working secretly behind closed doors to oust him are those that think being an MPA will make one rich. 

He said the MARA government is serving with a pure heart of gold, adding, they are doing their best with the sacrifice to uplift the province which crawled on its belly when MARA came into office seven months ago.  

He sad MARA did not dish out buckets of money to make MPAs rich.

“ This could be tough for MPAs who think they can get rich overnight from being an MPA,” he said.

The Premier said as a mandated leader who serves a public office, one can only get rich through corrupt practices and abusing public funds for one's own gain. 

The outspoken premier said he is happy that MARA executive made up of like-minded Malaitans with a pure heart to serve the province and strong mindset to move the province forward in its search to achieve its ideal idea of a restorative economy for Malaita.   

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