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High performance leadership training concludes

27 February 2020
Participants who are attending the two-day High Performance Leadership Training. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

A two-day high-performance leadership introduction training has concluded on Wednesday in Honiara.

The training which focuses on leadership was attended by participants from companies around Honiara such as Solrice, Trade Co and others.

One of the facilitators, Ben Nginabule said over the two days, they focus more on the introduction part as they have also another level 2 coming up in March.

Nginabule said the training really geared participating companies especially managers and supervisors in building up their skills and capacities in terms of their leadership.

He said the program was developed last in by the Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Centre (SISBEC) and Breadfruit consultant who is Chris Elpick.

“The program was offered last year in October. It was first tested here and the interest was huge,” he said.

Nginabule said during the training, they also get to interact and share their experiences and challenges which also part of their learning.

“By way of learning, we also share our challenges and experiences and ways that we could overcome them or address them in the future,” he said. 

He said this is the second training so far and they have seen many others also like to attend join.

“We have a level two high-performance leadership training scheduled for 24th-25th March 2020 and those who have attended the introduction, as well as those attending last year’s training, can attend,” he added.

Nginabule said leadership training is very important for this country especially to build ethical and good leadership that will lead the nation forward.

He said good leadership is required from every level including the highest political level, provincial, NGOs, companies, communities and within homes.

“Leadership and the way we focus should begin with ourselves and that is leading ourselves first.

“In leadership, anybody even without can be a leader because they can influence somebody or people,” he said.

He a total of 16 participants has attended the training but they are looking for more in their next months’ training.