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Suidani queries grants from China

02 March 2020

The Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has questioned Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and his pro-China advocates over the Chinese grants they are preaching about prior to the switch that China will provide to the country. 

Premier Suidani raised the question after the Finance Minister Harry Kuma was involved in a negotiation deal with a private businessman by the name of Terry Wong for a US$D100 billion loan with 11% interest. 

The Malaita premier while thanking the local media and international media for exposing the hidden interest of the government to loan USD100 billion said without the exposure of the hidden loan, the government will go ahead to persuade the deal.

"My question to the prime minister is why did you and your Finance minister did business with a private businessman in China when you have ties with the government of China.

"Where are the grants you making too much noise about before the switch?"

Premier Suidani said it is beyond the understanding of a normal person for a country to engage with a private businessman from China for a loan of this nature when it actually has a bilateral relationship with China.

It’s understood even the Chinese embassy officials in Honiara have no idea about the proposed move.

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