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Police inquiry ongoing despite reconciliation

07 March 2020
Mostyn Mangau.

RECONCILIATION has been conducted between the three drunken senior police officers and the families of the two students following an accident in Malaita last month.

Acting Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau said this does not mean investigations into this matter will stop.

“Investigation has to take its cause,” Mr. Mangau said.

Mr. Mangau added that the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) will not tolerate such actions or such behaviour of any police officers in any department of RSIPF.

The incident happened on Kwainamoro road near Auki in Malaita in the early evening of 29 February.

It involved three senior police officers travelling in a police vehicle who allegedly hit two 18-year-old students of the Aligegeo Provincial Secondary School.

The three officers were allegedly under the influence of liquor.

They left Auki Police Station with the intention to drop off two officers at the police married quarters near Kilu’ufi Hospital when the alleged incident happened.

The two students were walking along the road near the Aligegeo Provincial Secondary School.

They sustained injuries as a result of the accident.

Mr. Mangau told reporters that red money (traditional money) and some cash were presented to the parents of the two teenagers by those officers on Tuesday.

Mr. Mangau said the officers are still at work and are awaiting the next cause of action following the outcome of the Police’s Professional Standard and Investigation (PSII) investigation.

“This investigation will be conducted fairly.

“This is a sad incident that police officers are involved in,” Mr. Mangau said.

He said this incident happened as a result of the officers’ involvement with alcohol.

Mr. Mangau said whilst few officers continue to not meet the standard of their code of conduct, there are a good number of officers out there doing good work and try to gain the confidence of our community.

He apologised to the principal of Aligegeo Provincial Secondary School and to the parents of the two students.

He also called on police officers and community in Auki who might have any information in relation to this incident to support the police in their investigation as well.