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09 March 2020

One Link Members vexed over continuous delay


SERIOUS concerns and worrying responses have been received by many members of the money-making scheme ‘One Link’ after they have not been paid by their mentors since November and December 2019.

Most of them ended up confronting their mentors with frustration because of the delay in receiving their money on expected dates.

Most of the clients expected to receive their return after 30 days but this is not the case, it was revealed.

In an interview with Robert Sibo yesterday, he said most of his friends are now under pressure after they heard some worrying news from the media lately.

Sibo is a first time member of One Link, joining the scheme in December 2019.

“I joined One Link on December 27, 2019. However, I have not received my paybacks for the months of January and February as promised.

“There is also no phone call received from my mentor as he promised me that he will call me when my payment is ready for collection,” Sibo said.

He said what really comes to their expectations is the rollover date that was supposed to be done for the past weeks.

“Sadly, we haven’t been contacted yet,” he added.

He said to get the clear information for the amount of money to be deposited is through keeping in touch with the members.

“So we updated each other of any latest development. If there are changes made to the payment dates.

“Up to now, we are doomed while waiting,” Sibo stated.

He also added that the mentors have not been answering their phones and this is becoming annoying to them.

Sibo said their concern now is what will happen to their money if the scheme collapses.

“If the scheme collapses, what will happen to our money? Are they going to give our money back to us or not?” he probed.

Meanwhile, reports reaching the paper claimed some unhappy members have approached one of the scheme’s top directors over the weekend demanding that outstanding payments for the past two months be cleared as soon as possible.

Our source added, following their discussion it was agreed that all outstanding dues would be settled as of this week.