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Mayor clarifies link with US$100 Billion loan and One Link Pacifica

09 March 2020
Wilson Mamae.


City Mayor Wilson Mamae made a stern statement that Honiara City Council (HCC) has nothing to do with the $100 Billion (US) loan and One Link Pacifica.

The Mayor responded following a statement by Junior Bobanimae in the “Your say” column in the Island Sun Newspaper, published today 9th March (issue 3502).

In the article Bobanimae states that he wants to remind the three masters of MV Solomon namely the Prime Minister, City Mayor and City Clerk on which direction we are ready to follow whether it’s One Link Pacifica or the US $ 100 billion loan.

Bobanimae went on to say that he prefers that one link is the best direction we should follow rather than the US$ 100 billion loan.

“I want to clarify here that what the person is referring to is just totally out of ignorance and someone who is very confused.”

“The City Clerk, myself and the HCC as a whole has nothing to do with the $ 100 Billion (US) loan, so don’t confuse yourself from the National Government and HCC as a local Government,” he said.

“Also on the issue of One Link Pacifica, we have already made our selves clear through the media and made a stand to put this issue to rest and have nothing to do with it either,” the Mayor added.

“I want to encourage Junior Bobanimae to get his facts right from any of these issues before jumping to the media with his assumptions,” Mamae said.

- HCC Media