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Call for logging company to halt operation

09 March 2020
A satellite image of a logging operation upstream of the Lunga river. [Photo: Google Map]

A CHIEF from Pawo Village in Malango, Central Guadalcanal has called on responsible authorities to advise Galego Resource Limited, a logging company operating at upstream Lungga River to halt its operation.

Chief William Honi told this paper that the company has been operating without the consent of the communities of Malango ward especially the Betiloga community.

Therefore, the Betiloga community called on the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management (MECCDM) and other responsible authorities to access and assess the operation.

“We decided to make the call because the company has never consulted us to continue to operate.

“Besides that, we are also experiencing pollution on our lands and river sources,” he said.

Chief Honi said since they depend very much on the land and river for their livelihood, they want the company to compensate them for the pollution created.

“We want MECCDM or any responsible authorities to assess the company’s operation and damages and the pollution caused by the company.

“The company must compensate us the landowners who are affected by the contamination of oil on land and river,” he added.

It is also a grave concern that human wastes are also polluting the river, the chief stated.

The chief moved on to question why the company still operates when the landowners did not come up with an agreement to allow the company to continue its operation.

Meanwhile, Chief Honi also called on the company to contact him so that both parties can meet together with responsible ministries of the government to sort out the issue.

The company could not be reached for comments on Sunday.