18 March 2020
Chinese Ambassador to PNG & SI Yao Ming speaking at the PMO press conference. [Photo: Esther Nuria]

The Government of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) has agreed to fund all the major sporting facilities for the 2023 Pacific Games (PG).  

In a media press conference on Tuesday, the Head of Chinese Embassy Taskforce, Yao Ming has announced that the Chinese Government has agreed to fund the major projects for the 2023 PG. 

“I am happy to report since the government has been working very hard to finalized my government’s procedures, just last week with the confirmative response from Beijing, we are willing to establish a project by signing a letter of exchange with Solomon Islands government. 

“This will be a milestone for the construction of the major projects,” said Ming.

He said the 2023 PG stadium and its relevant projects had paid the political framework for these two major projects.

“Both the government of the Solomon Islands and the Chinese government are working very hard to nail down specific arrangements on how to build the project for the people of Solomon Islands. 

 “We will follow through and work on some technical issues, where we have sent two working teams from Beijing Architect Institute to do Geotechnical surveys this year. 

“In two months' time they will finish the preliminary survey work where both have reached the consensus of the scope projects and I am honored to sign the minutes to nail down the consensus,” said Ming. 

He added that after the signing of his government they will send a technical assessment team to the Solomon Islands to do the job on the ground. 

“To facilitate the scope project, that has a national pride of the Solomon Islands government and its people, you have long desired for this project, so from China government and its people we have given you a big help. 

“We will work very diligently around the clock to make sure this project will be finalized in time,” said H.E Yao Ming. 

He further added that they are confident to help the Solomon Islands with the project because of the experience China had in hosting the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. 

Secretary to the Prime Minister (SPM) and Chairman of the National Hosting Authority (NHA), Dr. Jimmy Rogers said that the government of China will help the government by funding more than 70 percent of the facilities needed for 2023 PG. 

Rogers said the designs of the national stadium project have also been changed. 

By Esther Nuria