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Electoral Commission: Two By-Election Postponed

26 March 2020
Mose Saitala.

Although the Electoral Commission had initially indicated publicly that the by-Elections for Central Honiara and North East Guadalcanal Constituencies will be conducted in June, the intensity of our country-wide preparation to prevent the coronavirus from entering our country and containing it as soon as it reaches our shores, the conduct of the by-elections have been deferred until further notice.

This decision was made by the electoral commissioners in an urgent meeting today (Wednesday) in considering the exponential spread of the CONVID-19 virus globally including to our neighbouring Pacific Islands Countries. 

 The decision of the Commission was also in light of the declaration of the State of Public Emergency declared by the Governor-General, Wednesday. 

Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Saitala, said that in responding to the call to join force with other public and private entities in the fight against CONVID-19, it is crucial that Electoral Commission considered the postponement of the by-elections as a measure to contain the spreading of the virus. 

“Election activities rallies people together and there is a high chance of spreading the CONVID-19 virus if people come to congregate in polling stations”, Mr. Saitala said. 

Mr. Saitala advise voters from these two constituencies to continue to listen for further updates the Commission would be announced in the coming months with regard to the 2-by-elections when the State of Public Emergency lapsed.