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Solomon Islands receives two more NEGATIVE COVID-19 test results

01 April 2020

Two more results for COVID-19  suspected cases in the Solomon Islands have come back negative. The test results were confirmed by the Ministry of Health after being sent for testing in Australia.

This means the first ten suspected cases have all tested negative for COVID-19, and there are three remaining test results pending, after one case was sent to Australia for testing on Friday last week, and the other two are yet to be airlifted to Australia. The public will be informed when these results become available. For now, Solomon Islands remains one of less than 20 countries in the world where there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 to date.

Despite the latest good results, the Permanent Secretary Pauline McNeil reminds the public that “this is no time for complacency, and we need to continue to practice good hygiene such as maintaining social distancing of 1 to 2 metres apart, washing hands regularly with soap, coughing or sneezing into our elbow, shirt or tissue, and to avoid touching our face”.

The Permanent Secretary adds that “COVID-19 is a disease caused by a virus and this virus can infect anyone. No one is to blame for getting COVID-19. From its rapid spread across the world, we have seen that COVID-19 does not respect borders, regardless of where you are from, how rich or poor you are, or about your age, race, religion or gender, therefore we should not stigmatize anyone in the communities.  We need to create a  supportive environment where COVID-19 and its impact can be discussed and addressed openly, respectfully, honestly, and guided by science.

The MHMS continues to appeal to the general public to avoid rumors, misleading information and speculation, but instead obtain accurate and correct information from the government. You can access updated information online at, or follow our Facebook page:

The  MHMS  will continue to work together with other  Government  Ministries,  Partners, churches, NGOs, and Stakeholders to ensure our country is protected from Coronavirus. Let us all join hands together to fight COVID-19. We are all in this together.