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Suidani: Don't accept Coronavirus kits from China 

04 April 2020
Daniel Suidani.

MALAITA Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has recently cautioned the National Government not to accept Coronavirus kits from China in light of the government’s plea for assistance in safety and protective equipment to fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Premier Suidani made the call in an exclusive interview with Solomon Star Auki following two news items that Guangdong Province in China is prepared to send in masks and other protective garments and the announcement by the Prime Minister that the Chinese government will be assisting the country with testing kits to help the country in its fight against COVID-19.

"While we should appreciate any genuine support, we must also be mindful that whatever we are given is workable, applicable and serves the purpose to which it intends to serve and must be internationally accepted and of high quality,” the premier said.

“I said this in light of a number of international reports revealing that a dozen countries including, Spain, Netherlands, Philippines, and the Czech Republic's have returned faulty Chinese made COVID-19 testing kits,” Mr. Suidani added. 

"The health and survival of our people must not be compromised simply because an irresistible gesture from a friend,” the Premier cautioned.

Premier Suidani said that if China is sincere about its assistance to the country, it is only proper that it purchases kits from genuine suppliers from other countries apart from China itself and sends them over to the country.

He said the national government should not accept any kits from China for now until further notice.