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Call for inquiry

06 April 2020
MV Taemareho.

MEMBERS of the public are rallying support calling for a commission of inquiry (COI) to be established to find out why the ill-fated trip by MV Taimareho was allowed to set sail at the eve of a cyclone on Thursday evening.

Many have expressed their desire for this inquiry on social media over the weekend.

A total of 27 people have been confirmed missing after being washed overboard M.V Taimareho on its way from Honiara to West Area’are in the early hours of Friday, 3rd April 2020.

About 738 passengers were on board when the incident happened.

As of Sunday night according to the Police Media, five bodies were recovered.

Many who vented their sadness and anger over the tragedy said those responsible for the trip must face criminal prosecution.

Another said this is an avoidable incident should those who allowed the boat to travel took heed of the warning signs.

A government official said the Marine board of inquiry will conduct an investigation under the Shipping Act.

It was also suggested that all telecommunication activities during the incident must also be disclosed during the COI.

Meanwhile, a lawyer said those involved in the decision to allow the ship to sail must be charged for endangering lives, criminal negligence and any criminal offense the law provides.

“They must explain themselves in court,” he said.

The search is continuing for the missing passengers today.