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Christ the King celebrates Palm Sunday

06 April 2020
Hundreds of parishioners holding on to their palms during the procession.

CHRIST the King Parish at Gilbert Camp, East Honiara has joined the rest of the Christians throughout the nation to celebrate Palm Sunday at their local church on Sunday morning.

Parish Rector Father Allen Kali said the event is celebrated annually to mark what had happened to Jesus in Jerusalem more than 2,000 years ago.

Rev. Kali said the church continues to celebrate what had happened at that time when Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem.

He said it is a time where parishioners of Christ the King have come to receive palms and crosses to remind them of what had happened in Jerusalem at that time in history. 

“The palms are to remind parishioners of what had happened more than 2000 years ago in Jerusalem and the crosses help us to anticipate and look forward to what will happen in the near future that is on Good Friday.

“On this day, though it is a joyful day in Jerusalem, the cross will always remind us that Christ will go through pain and suffering but at the end of the week he will be resurrected to life,” he said.

Rev. Kali said Palm Sunday also provides a time where all the parishioners from various parishes to come together to hear what is the important message to their lives and that is to look at the life of Jesus as he enters the Jerusalem not on a horse or expensive chariot but humbly riding on a donkey.

“It is also a time where we can get together in prayer as we enter our last and final week where we remember what Jesus had to go through in suffering just for His love for the world,” he said. 

He said Palm Sunday is also the beginning of the Holy Week as normally observed by the Anglican Church of Melanesia and other churches.

“It’s a time we carry out our Holy Week activities that leads up to Good Friday followed by Sunday as Easter celebration,” he said.

Meanwhile, hundreds of parishioners took their time to join the Palm Sunday celebration and to receive the sacrament of the body and blood of Christ through Holy Communion.