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Fishermen survive 

07 April 2020
Patrick is one of the fishermen who was rescued by the Oibola community.

Two Lilisiana men in Langa Langa, Malaita Province who were caught during Friday night’s cyclone have survived after they swam for hours to the mainland from Alite reef between Ngella and Malaita.

Reports reaching Solomon Star Auki stated that the two fishermen left Lilisiana community at 4am on Thursday 2 April for a fishing trip when their outboard motor (OBM) developed mechanical problems causing them to drift the whole of Thursday.

On Thursday night, the two fishermen tried to get their engine fixed but couldn’t, forcing them to drift further towards Alete Reef on Friday 3 April.

On the early hours of Friday morning, cyclone Harold finally caught up on them smashing their boat and throwing them into the sea.

The duo named Patrick and Danny found themselves in the deep ocean during the horrific storm while trying to make it back to their community. 

Their only chance was to swim.

Patrick who was first discovered by Oibola villagers on Friday at around 9am told the villagers that both of them talked once before swimming to safety.

Patrick said he told Danny to swim along with the direction of the current which both did.

When Patrick was found near Oibola community, he was unsure if his colleague Danny ever made it to safety.

Moments later, Danny was discovered near Oibola alive.

Both fishermen were taken to Kilu'ufi Hospital in Auki where they both sought medical attention. 

After the incident, Auki resident Mathew Maneka urged both men to listen and abide by weather warnings given by the responsible authorities.

Not only that but Mr.Maneka reminded the fishermen to ensure they travel on a boat that has no mechanical issues to avoid repeating such incidents.

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