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Suidani: survivors need trauma counseling

07 April 2020
Daniel Suidani.

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has call on the national government to send a trauma counseling team to survivors of the Taimareho sea tragedy.

Speaking to Solomon Star Auki on Sunday, Premier Suidani who visited the survivors at Su'u national secondary school on Saturday last week said the survivors are in trauma and need counseling to get back to their normal lives after the deadly encounter at sea.

"I call on the government to send a trauma counseling team to West Are'are to deal with the survivors." 

He said he spoke to them at Su'u over the weekend and one can tell that these survivors need proper counseling as soon as possible to allow them to live a normal life. 

"Some of the survivors have actually witnessed horror when the wave swept away victims into the sea, such memories are hard to wipe out from ones living memory but I believe proper counseling at this stage will benefit the survivors," he said. 

Malaita Premier upon his visit to the survivors asked Su'u school to offer whatever foodstuff it has in its kitchen to the survivors and said the Malaita Provincial Government will replace them.

He said the province is waiting for Su'u school to send the bill of the cost of food is offered to the survivors. 

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