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09 April 2020
Dr Claude Posala.

A TOP doctor has been fired over his Facebook postings which the government claimed are false, misleading and inflammatory.

Dr. Claude Posala, an eye-specialist working at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara received his marching orders from Nego Sisiolo, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service yesterday morning.

“…yes, I got terminated this morning,” Posala who is also the President of the Solomon Islands Medical Association (SIMA) told the Solomon Star, Wednesday.

“It’s already done,” he added. 

"The Ministry of Health gave a directive to the Ministry of Public Service last week for my termination. 

"AG's (Attorney General) opinion was sought and it was given the green light. 

"PS Public Service hand-delivered the letter to me this morning.

“All’s good.”

The Solomon Star cited a copy of the termination letter which stated Posala was sacked because of his various posts on Facebook on certain government actions. 

It further stated Posala posted false information and internal government documents on Facebook.

“On 30 March 2020, Dr. Posala on his Facebook stated 'Payroll officer at MoFT surprised to note that all NRH allowances raised under Covid-19 emergency situation are for administrators',” the letter said.

He was then called to a meeting by his permanent secretary to correct the misinformation which he admitted to being incorrect and apologised.

The letter further stated that on 31 March 2020, Posala also posted on Facebook an internal correspondence issued by his PS regarding the publication of matters about COVID-19 that was not intended for public consumption.

“Posala's Facebook posts are not only contradictory but false and inflammatory against the government.

“The responses to Posala's posts have incited negative, hatred and contempt against the government in the current state of public emergency.

"Such acts are prejudicial to the public safety, peace and good order of Solomon Islands," the letter reads.

According to the letter, Posala's actions also tantamount to a blatant disregard for the processes, procedures and conducts expected by the SIG, in particular the General Orders Chapter C107 and the Public Service Code of Conduct Principle No.1.

The Solomon Star understands members of SIMA yesterday met to discuss the sacking of their president.

SIMA Vice President Dr. Alex Munamua confirmed their meeting, adding they are still talking to responsible government authorities before they can make a public statement.

Sources at the hospital told the Solomon Star yesterday SIMA members are rallying around their sacked president and will likely demand his reinstatement.






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