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Locals stranded in the US

27 May 2020
Solomon Islanders attending International Leadership Fellowship stranded at the Los Angeles airport USA amidst COVID-19 pandemic. [Photo supplied]

EIGHT young Solomon Islanders who have been attending a one-year International Leadership Program in the United States are still stranded in the State of Georgia.

Charity Titiulu, a Solomon Islander living in Washington, USA, told the Solomon Star last night.

 “They were stranded, hungry, and slept in the cold terminal for days but my friends from PNG spotted them at the LA airport, took a picture, and sent me this morning (yesterday morning),” Titiulu said.

 “Toea Wisil, the PNG's international sprinter, was the first person to find them at the LA airport because they were all going to catch the first flights.

“They were so quiet and Toea spoke to them, that’s when she told my PNG friends in LA and I was contacted in the morning (Tuesday),” Titiulu said.

She added that they were there for like 4 days sleeping in the terminal with no food and two of the students had to walk an hour to look for food and they ate one meal a day.

“My PNG friends then cooked and brought them foods at the airport; they ate and catch the flight back to Georgia,” she added.

Asked about the program they attended, Titiulu said they are all on the International Leadership Program, a one-year fellowship for youths around the world.

It’s not clear which organisation funded the fellowship.

“These young people could have died of hunger; you know sleeping in the cold with no blankets and just imagine three nights and 3 whole days it’s unbearable,” Titiulu tearfully said.

She said their sponsors took them back to Georgia but at the same time called on the SI head of mission in the US to watch out for them at this time of this global crisis.