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Gov’t urged to bring Honiara students back

28 May 2020
Passengers climbing onto boats during the mass repatriation last month.

THE national government is being urged to start chartering ships to bring back Honiara students who were sent home as a result of its mass repatriation exercise last month.

Honiara resident Renceley Wane made the call following the government’s decision to reopen schools in Honiara.

Wane said most of the students have left Honiara with no money under the government’s free repatriation program.

 “Now, they are stranded in their own homes unable to return to their schools because they do not have the means to do so,” Wane said.

“Since the Government is responsible for sending them home, it should likewise shoulder the responsibility of bringing them back so they can continue with their education,” he added.

Wane said that it’s sad to see schools in Honiara reopened with half-filled classrooms because most students are still in the provinces.   

 “I just want to question the government why reopen Honiara schools when the majority of the students are still at home as a result of the government’s repatriation program,” he questioned.

He said that the students’ educations have been impacted enough and the government needs to act quickly to get the students back to class.