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178 repatriated individuals safe

01 June 2020
Karl Kuper.

THE 178 repatriated individuals who have recently arrived in the country from various neighbouring countries are all fine and well in their respective quarantine centres.

This confirmation was made by the Chair of the Camp Management Sector Committee Karl Kuper during the weekly talkback show yesterday.

Mr. Kuper said that the centres have recently received additional quarantine nationals that came in under the Fisheries Observer Program.

“We have about seven of them who have arrived recently on the fishing vessels under the fisheries Observer program,” he said.

He said the role of the Camp Management Sector Committee is very important to the overall COVID-19 battle the country finds itself in.

Mr. Kuper added that the committee is mandated to know exactly how many individuals are quarantined as well as attending to persons with special needs during their time in isolation.

 “Our priority now is the registration of all the quarantined individuals in the various quarantine centres in Honiara including their personal data to help us know who we have in Quarantine, particularly those with special needs and the number of children held in these centres,” he said.

Kuper said the identification of those occupants has already been done over the past few days and specialist medical and health attention have also been conducted on some of them.

“We now clearly know who our occupants are and we also explained the rules we have for them and their boundaries as stipulated under the COVID-19 State of Public Emergency,” he said.

He said they are hoping to create a comfortable environment for each one for the 28 days quarantine duration.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Dr. Pauline McNeil confirmed there are four patients out of those repatriated that require special medical attention to their status and the ministry have responded to them.

“There are four of them and ongoing work is done to check them,” she said.