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Mayor tight-lipped over illegal acts

02 June 2020
Wilson Mamae.

CITY mayor Wilson Mamae has accused councillors Reginald Ngati and Billy Abae for using the media to advance their political agendas to rubbish the good works of the Council under his leadership.

In an interview with the Solomon Star over the weekend, Mayor Mamae described what was said in the media by Mr. Abae as ‘unfounded allegations’ against the HCC administration and the City Clerk.

It was understood that allegations against the executive, City Clerk, and Cr John Szetu were the talk in the media for almost three weeks.

The allegations came about after Mayor Mamae sacked Cr Billy Abae on the grounds that Abae did not perform his mandated responsibilities as the finance committee chairman.

“These people have been spreading false information about what my Administration is doing. 

“I can confirm to you that their idea is to tarnish HCC and its officials to distract us from what we have mandated to do,” Mamae exclusively told The Solomon Star.

Mamae said he had explained and response to the HCC saga in the media already and look forward to working with all councillors to move the executive’s plans for the city.

However, during the interview, the Mayor was tight-lipped over the issues raised against the council in the past weeks.

These include the controversial fire extinguisher deal, the illegal $1.8 million borrowings, and other illegal issues raised against his leadership.

The Mayor instead insisted that Cr Ngati, Abae and their desperate Stephen Maki go to the Leadership Codes Commissioner with all their fake allegations.