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Gov’t urged to be fair to farmers

02 June 2020
Local farmer Harry Maefelo.

FARMERS in Malaita are calling on the national government to be fair when dealing with the Stimulus package for farmers throughout the country.

A local farmer from Gwaifai community in Ward 29 in Central Kwara’ae, Harry Maefelo told Solomon Star Auki in an interview yesterday that most local farmers are worried that they might miss out on the most talked-about Stimulus package. 

Maefelo said that applications for the Stimulus package will close at the end of this week.   

He said most farmers in the province are sure to miss out on the Stimulus package due to time factors and the lack of access to application forms.

He said the government should have an agent in Auki that provides application forms to local farmers in Malaita.

“I have 10 hectors of cocoa and coconut respectively.

“I also farm Kava and trees.

“However, I am worried that many farmers in Malaita who are also farming these commodities will miss out,” he added.

The local farmer said they are left in the dark and need someone to enlighten them on the stimulus package.

He said that if the stimulus package is only meant for Honiara based farmers, then it is a joke of the day. 

Maefelo calls on the government to be transparent with the way it handles the stimulus package so that genuine farmers benefit and not ghost ones. 

He said he is sure that local farmers in other provinces are faced with similar challenges especially with access to application forms.

Mr. Maefelo said that officers responsible should pay a visit to all the provinces to encourage local farmers to apply. 

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