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Dissolve the HCC: Dora

02 June 2020
City mayor Wilson Mamae (L) and City clerk Rence Sore (R).

FORMER Honiara City councillor Henry J Star Dora has called on authorities to dissolve the HCC over serious allegations raised in the media over the past weeks.

Dora said the events and information or spotlights that were flashing in the media does not speak well of how Lord Mayor Wilson Mamae and City Clerk Rence Sore and certain councillors were governing the affairs of Honiara City Council. 

“It is totally chaotic, absurd, ridiculous, inconsistent and definitely an infringement of the Honiara City Council Ordinance 1999 and its regulations. 

He went on to say that the City Clerk’s explanations is a blur and fishy, one that needs an immediate investigation.

“Many allegations have been raised by Councillors and City Council Staff that the above are just the tip of the iceberg.

“The City Council Ordinance 1999 may have been breached and infringed, as these are all amounts to misappropriation of Funds, process and procedures,” he said.

The former councillor strongly calls on the responsible ministry and authorities to act on the matters raised now, before it’s too late.