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Ugi wharf ready to open

27 June 2020
The newly built ugi wharf. [Photo: Dorothy Sulu]

THE wharf project at Selwyn Bay on Ugi Island in the Makira Ulawa Province has been completed and ready to be officially opened.

Member of Parliament for Ulawa/Ugi Constituency William Marau confirmed the official opening will take place next month.

 “Ugi’s new wharf is now completed and is ready for the official opening,” Marau said.

“We are looking forward for event in July,” he added.

“Two ships, MV Kidron and MV Airi are the first vessels to dock at the new wharf.

“This is the outcome of team work from the people, constituency office and contractors.”

Marau thanked his hard working team and the contractor Trades Transformation Company (TTC) for the excellent work done and the SIG for funding.

The project is expected to boost socioeconomic activities and bring a lot of benefits to the people of Ugi and Makira Ulawa Province.

Communities around Ugi Island say the wharf is a dream come true because they have been hearing about it for the past 17 years.