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06 July 2020
Left, the G-plated hilux involved in the accident on Saturday morning. Right, part of the damaged fence. [Photo: Yumi Toktok Forum]

Following his involvement in a vehicle accident


THE Chief of Staff within the Prime Minister’s Office is now under police investigation for allegedly involved in a traffic accident over the weekend.

Initial report reaching the paper claimed Robson Djokovic was driving a new Toyota Hilux registered number G3903G-plated vehicle when it ran into Iron Bottom Sound’s (IBS) perimeter fence in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Photos of the accident have since being uploaded and circulated via social media which attracted so much criticism.

Director of Traffic Fredrick Satu yesterday confirmed that Robson Djokovic was the one behind the wheel at the time of the accident.

The accident occurred sometime between 5 am-6 am on Saturday morning, he said. 

Mr. Satu said that he was informed by his duty officers attending the scene that only Djokovic was inside the vehicle at the time of the accident.

When asked whether a Breathalyser test was conducted to ascertain the presence of alcohol or not, Mr. Satu said that is yet to be confirmed with his officers.

 “I am not too sure whether he is tested or not but what I have gathered from my officers was that he was not drunk at the time of the accident,” Mr. Satu said.

“I was also informed that after the accident, Mr. Djokovic talked to the owner of IBS regarding the damages to his fence,” he added.

A government officer has also confirmed that the G-plated Hilux was assigned to Mr. Djokovic. 

This government officer said via social media that he is hoping that Mr. Djokovic is dealt with by the police like everyone else under the relevant traffic laws of the country.

 “The police should have administered an on the spot breathalyzer test as the incident bears the hallmark of alcohol influenced accident,” he claimed.

The recent accident had caused an uproar via social media with criticism being leveled at how government vehicles are being misused every now and then by officers for private use.

Many have called on the government to be strict with how officers are using the vehicles.

All government vehicles should be garaged after official hours, many have suggested through their personal comments.

Police Media Unit in response to an inquiry made by a local citizen in relation to the accident yesterday said the matter is now under investigation.