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‘Unity Square’ unveiled

07 July 2020
Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare unveils the flags symbol, 'The Unity Square'.

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare says the location of the ‘Unity Square’ at the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) in Point Cruz, Honiara is of great significance.

Sogavare highlighted this when he officially commissioned the country’s iconic landmark square which hosts the biggest flag and tallest flag pole in the Pacific region.

The erected by Ports Authority, the flag weighs 25kilograms, measures 15 meters in length and 7.5 meters in width.

The flag pole stands at 50 meters (180 feet) in height and weighing 12 tons of steel.

It is situated between the domestic and international port in Point Cruz.

 “As you can see, the Unity Square sits between the domestic and the international port. The international port is the main entry point into Solomon Islands and the domestic port is the main entry port into Honiara from all our provinces,” he said.

The unveiling of the iconic square comes as the country turns 42 today and is celebrating its independence day.

He said the unity square as appeared on the landmark is a sign of unity in diversity.

“Unity Square is a symbol of the unity of our country. Even though we are culturally diverse with more than 90 languages and 900 islands, we are united as one country. 

“Unity Square is a symbol of unity in diversity. It is an embodiment of our common destiny as a people and country,” he added.

Sogavare said the commissioning of the flag yesterday marks an occasion that will go down in the history of Solomon Islands.

“It’s a history of our country and we are indeed blessed to be graced with the presence of the nine provincial premiers and the City Mayor of Honiara City to mark this occasion.

“I thank you for attending this event. This unity square is indeed a landmark that is distinctive and reflective of our nation of islands,” he added.

He said when he first commissioned the LED Lighting Project and the CCTV Surveillance System at the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) recently; he also mentioned that SIPA has come a long way since its establishment on 4th June 1956. 

“Today SIPA has once again proven to us that it has indeed come a long way since its humble beginning.

“I understand that this is the biggest flagpole and flag in the region and the first of its kind in the country. This is no small feat. It is a testament to the engineering capability of SIPA engineers. 

“This is an achievement that Solomon Islands Ports Authority should be proud of. It is only fitting that I on behalf of the people and Government of Solomon Islands convey my sincere congratulations to the board, management and staff of SIPA. Congratulations!” he added.

He said Unity Square simply demonstrates the civil responsibility of SIPA towards nation-building.

“I see this civic responsibility as one that supports and defends our constitution. This is a patriotic gesture on SIPA’s part. 

“It is the kind of subtle but yet important tool that is essential in nation-building.

“I have no doubt that this Unity Square will enhance the integration of our citizens, and reinforce and magnify the strong emotional attachment and love that each and every Solomon Islander has for this country,” he further added.

Sogavare said SIPA as a State-Owned Enterprise has without a doubt come of age in actively forging and instilling in us a patriotic spirit and togetherness. 

“This iconic landmark will continue to serve as a constant reminder of who we are,” he said.

He then acknowledges the Minister of Infrastructure and Development (MID) Manasseh Maelanga the responsible minister and Minister of Finance and Treasury Harry Kuma, the accountable minister who oversees SIPA.