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Malaitans help foot court bill

07 July 2020
Malaita premier Daniel Suidani.

Like-minded and courageous Malaitans have stepped forward and assisted the Malaita Provincial Government with finance to pay for its court case.

Malaita Province has gone to the court to challenge the action taken by police to confiscate the medical equipment intended for Malaita.

Following the confiscation of the medical equipment, the Malaita Provincial Government and members of the public used the local media to call on the government to release the medical equipment to Malaita which fell on deaf ears. 

This has forced the Malaita Provincial Government to take the matter to the court. 

Information obtained from the Malaita Provincial Government confirmed that there are Malaitans who did not want to see their province suffer and contributed $6000 to foot the first bill of the court case.

According to Premier Daniel Suidani, these Malaitans are willing to support Malaita and its interest to ensure Malaita as a province is not subjected to injustice and bully tactics from the national government. 

In Auki