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Ngati encourage community to uphold ownership

09 July 2020
Vura Ward Councillor Ngati delivers his speech.

HONIARA City Council (HCC) Councillor for Vura Ward, Reginal Ngati urges his ward members to uphold the spirit of ownership in their respective communities.

Speaking at the 42nd Independence celebration at the Fulisango or Mud Land Zion community on Tuesday, Ngati said the only way forward to build a peaceful community is to take ownership of the community.

Ngati said the event was not only part of the 42nd Anniversary celebration but a sign of unity within the Mud Land community. 

“It is my initiative towards the independence celebration to ensure communities take ownership of their own in terms of programs or preparations and for that, I don’t tell them what to do just support them for their work.

“I want to develop the kind of self-reliance and approach where community-owned itself and look after itself,” he said.

He said the Mud Land community must be applauded for the initiative as it is the first community within the Vura ward to take such big initiative.

“As their councilor, I really want to applaud them and I am really committed to standing behind them during the rest of my leadership.

“Mud Land initiative is the way forward for our community in Honiara because when they start to take ownership of their own, then they would expect to get assistance when from those they seek assistance from such as the leaders,” he said.

Ngati then encourages all community committees to continue to develop that kind of mindset and working togetherness in such initiatives.