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Makira man unhappy with 10 cents carve design

10 July 2020
Prime Minister was shown the 10cents female version with other guests during the commissioning ceremony of the Unity Square on Monday. [Photo supplied]

A CONCERNED Makira man has voiced his disappointment over the design of the 10 cents carved outpost that was erected at the newly launched Ports Authority ‘Unity Square’ in Honiara.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogvare officially unveiled the iconic square early this week.

Ian Davidson Mwanerafata told the Solomon Star although he was very pleased with the initiative as it’s a pride for the country, he disagreed with the design of the 10 cents.

Mwanerafata said the design displayed a female version of the 10 cents or what they call a Wake-wake manu (Ataro e matawa).

“As someone from Santa Ana in Makira Ulawa Province, its a slap on my people’s face and a total alteration of our culture because we are not worshiping a female wake-wake manu,” he said.

He said as it appeared, the 10 cents design was curved into female version than the actual 10 cents that can be seen around including at one of the Ports walls.

“My forefathers did worship a spirit male 10 cents and not a female as what was put erected. 

“And the likeness of the spirit that we worship is the one Doctor Fox stole it on a camera when he sits on the coral and later put on the 10 cents coin that we are still using it,” he said.

He said the usual design of the 10 cents should be the one the Ports Authority should erect and not that foreign image.

Mwanerafata said he believes the design was made by a foreigner.

He expressed that is a pure alteration to their culture and the responsible authorities must consider changing it to the real male version design.  

“We’re so lucky that today the Christianity reigns in the Solomon Islands but if not, the spirit of the 10 cents can kill people because of its image deformation,” he said.

Mwanerafata said after seeing that design, he went straight to the Ports Authority and told them about it.

“I am of the view that if such initiative has come about in respecting the provinces, each province should be consulted to make their own design according to the required measurements and types of woods so that each province can design their own cultural design.

“In doing that, they’ll provide the real culture for that kind of presentation rather than allowing someone to do it at their own style that does not match up to our culture.

“I want that changed because if it continues to remain there, my worry is our next generation when seeing it, will think that their great forefathers have worshiped a female 10 cents which is not right,” he concluded.