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Ulawa better off with infrastructure

15 July 2020
Road construction work in Ugi, Makira/Ulawa province. Inset, Noel Mamau. [Photo: Facebook]

A leading motel operator in Kira Kira, the provincial capital of Makira Ulawa Province Noel Mamau has described Ulawa Island as being better off with infrastructure development than other parts of the Province.

But he said it is lacking economic activities which are the main reasons for the government to build the Arona Airport, the Su’umoli Wharf and a road around the island.

Mr Mamau said improved infrastructure services should encourage local people to develop their resources and to take part in economic activities.

He said because the people of Ulawa Island have yet to fully utilize the improved infrastructure services, Ulawa remains in the bottom of the poverty line in comparison with other provincial wards of Makira Ulawa province.

Mr Mamau said it is high time political, commercial and church leaders, and of course resource owners put their heads together to discuss what economic activities should be carried out on the island.

He believes incomes earned from the economic activities can enable the islanders to improve their future livelihoods and living standards.

By George Atkin 
In Kira Kira