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$400 per inmate a day

15 July 2020
Gabriel Manelusi.

IT costs the national government $400 per day to feed and meet the welfare of each inmate serving at the Correctional Centres around the country.

This was highlighted by the Commissioner of Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) Gabriel Manelusi during a peace restoration ceremony held at Sughu Village in the Tasimauri Region, Weather Coast of Guadalcanal early last week. 

During the occasion, Manelusi updated the public attending the event on the rehabilitation programs priority of the current government.

He added that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all programs across all centres are suspended. 

He said when the state of public emergency is lifted then CSSI priority will focus on education, faith based, vocational training, life skills and offending behavioural change. 

“This is a priority of the national government which CSSI organisation is working on reviewing, especially the rehabilitation and reintegration policy to meet the current needs,” he said. 

Manelusi also told all those who gathered during the ceremony and for awareness purposes that it costs more than SBD$400.00 for each prisoner per day to feed and meet their welfares either convict or remand.

“And this is very costly for the national government,” he said.

Therefore it’s important to work together to help build this nation to be more peace oriented.

“We must therefore act together as a united people, for national reconciliation, for nation building for the birth of a new Solomon Islands.

“Let there be justice for all, let there be peace for all, let there be work, food and water for all,” Manelusi said.