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Ngati accused of getting $40k extra 

15 July 2020
Reginald Ngati.

THE Councillor for Vura Ward Reginald Ngati has been alleged to have received SBD 40 thousand dollars, beyond what each councillor should have received as ward advisory grant.

A statement issued by the Honiara City Council (HCC) Media Unit claimed, Tuesday.

The statement said each councillor is entitled to 60 thousand dollars during the beginning of the year towards their ward advisory committee.

“However, it has been revealed in documents provided by the Finance Division that Ngati gets extra SBD 40 thousand dollars apart from the SBD 60 thousand dollars, which totaled up to SBD 100, 000 dollars overall.

“It has been revealed that SBD $100,000 is beyond the limit for each councillor,” the statement said.

Documents have shown that the amount of SBD $ 100, 000 have been acquired between 1st January and 30th March this year, the statement alleged.

Meanwhile, the statement added Councillor Ngati is yet to pay out rentals for 6 months on the lock-up shop at the Central Market he obtains under the Vura Ward Community since 2018.

“All these cases will be forwarded to police for further investigation,” the statement said.

Councillor Ngati on Tuesday denied the allegations.