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Elderly woman loses her life in road accident 

15 July 2020
The East Road in Malaita province has been frequently damaged due to bad weather. Here, passengers of a 3-ton truck were asked to walk in this narrow stretch of road due to a landslide back in 2016. [File photo]

AN elderly woman lost her life after a vehicle she was traveling on run over her and killed her instantly.

The incident happened along the Kwai Abu hill along the East Road in Malaita Province. 

The incident happened last Friday when the vehicle was heading from East into Auki.

Reports said the incident happened the deceased jumped off the trail of the vehicle after she realized that the vehicle starts to reverse back hill. 

Information obtained by Solomon Star Auki stated that the deceased jumped off the back of the vehicle onto the road when the reversing vehicle ran over her upper body.

Kwai Abu hill is among some of the recently deteriorating areas along the East road following recent heavy rain in Malaita.

The vehicle was hired to transport participants of a religious program held in Auki over the weekend.

The deceased is from Fataleka married to a man from Kwara'ae.

Following the death of the woman, relatives of the deceased from both Kwara'ae and Fataleka demanded the owner of the vehicle who is a Chinese man to pay compensation for the loss of life.

The owner of the vehicle who is also the owner of the RM Store in Auki is yet to pay the compensation demand in full.

Information obtained confirmed that the owner of the vehicle gave $10,000 to the relatives to allow them to bury the deceased with an understanding that the compensation will be paid in full on a later date.

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