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SINU warns against protest

11 August 2020

THE Solomon Islands National University (SINU) management has warned that any protest or withdrawal of services by staff would be illegal.

In a memorandum issued over the weekend on the rumoured protest that was expected to be undertaken on Monday, SINU management clarified that the issue of the Vice-Chancellor is still with the Trade Dispute Panel (TDP) and they are waiting on that.

“Please be informed that the Deputy-Chair of TDO has advised management that the matter referred to the TDP is still with TDP and that Section 10 of the Trades Dispute Act still applies.

“This means that any withdrawal of services or any strike on Monday 10th August 2020 or thereafter until the matter is at TDP would be deemed illegal and pure negligence to students’ studies and examinations,” it stated.

SINU management warned that it will impose strict disciplinary actions on staff that participate in any illegal activity.