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RSIPF monitors bloods and crips youths in Honiara

20 August 2020
Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau.

The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) is monitoring a group of youth in Honiara who are believed to be involved in what has been termed as the ‘Bloods and Crips Young Stars’ in Honiara over the past couple of weeks.

RSIPF Commissioner Mostyn Mangau says, “Police is warning the youth involved in this group in Honiara or anywhere in the country not to be involved in any activity that will disturb the peace and cause threat to the security of our nation.”

“This group of youth or students in Honiara are wearing blue and red scarfs claiming they are Bloods and Crips gangsters. The issue has been viral on social media in the past week,” says Commissioner Mangau.

Commissioner Mangau adds, “RSIPF will not tolerate anyone who claims to be part of this group in our city but will deal with them  if they commit any crime. Police is aware of this issue and calling on parents to take responsibility to ensure your children are not involved in such activity.”

- Police Media