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Wale discourages violence against women, children

21 August 2020
Matthew Wale.

The Leader of the Opposition Group Mathew Wale reminds Malaitans that violence against women and children is not right.

In this speech to mark the Malaita second appointed day celebrations in Auki a week ago Mr.Wale condemned violence against women and children.

He took time to remind Malaitans to take a collective measure against the evil behaviour that continues to victimize women and children in Malaita and the country as a whole. 

He said sexual violence against women and children are on rise and he encouraged men to show respect to women and children. 

Mr.Wale said women and children are not pets but deserve full respect from men. 

The opposition leader urges Malaitans to show their christian love by trying to eradicate the evil force that is in play, which leads to sexual violence against women and children. 

He also urged Malaitans to use their aggressiveness on good deeds and not in bad things.  

in Auki



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