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Mobile clips entertain elderly in Makira

21 August 2020

THE retired Bishop of the Hanuato’o Diocese of the Anglican Church of Melanesia in Makira Ulawa Province, Bishop Alfred Karibongi says he has discovered in his farewell tours of Parishes around the Diocese that old people use mobiles to entertain themselves.

He said that he discovered during his farewell visits that old people use blankets as tents along the roadsides to hide themselves as they watch movies on their touch screen mobiles.

But what surprised Bishop Karibongi most was mobiles do not catch in most of those remote areas.

He said he does not know how those old people have managed to get the movies, whatever those movies are on their mobiles, but he added it is possible that someone must have made a living by selling these movies to them.

Bishop Karibongi who recently retired as the Hanuato’o Diocesan Bishop after serving the Diocese for 13 years revealed his finding while making his farewell speech on August 16, 2020 in Kira Kira, the Diocesan Headquarters of the Hanuato’o Diocese.

By George Atkin 
In Kira Kira