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Investigation continues despite release of COVID supplies

22 August 2020
Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau.

POLICE investigation is still ongoing despite the release of the confiscated Covid-19 medical equipment supplied by Taiwan to Malaita Provincial Government.

Police Commission Mostyn Mangau said the investigation is focusing on various areas such as how the consignment address and how it was channelled through here.

“The investigation is on how the consignment came in and the addressed used which is owned by someone and is not a right address,” Mangau said on Thursday.

Police had released the Covid-19 medical equipment supplied by Taiwan following the advice from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The equipment was seized last month by police and Customs Department after a formal complaint was lodged by the Office of the Attorney General about the suspicious nature of the consignment.

Mangau explained that after the investigation they forwarded the file to the ODPP for review.

He said after the review, the equipment were photographed as evidence before releasing them to Malaita Provincial Government on August 17.

“…….but investigation continue on this matter,” he added.

He further added that no one has been arrested or charges so far but it depends very much on the investigation.




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