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Suidani wants truth about covid equipment

24 August 2020
Daniel Suidani.

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani says its time for the national government and police to tell the truth regarding the released Malaita covid medical equipment to the public. 

Premier Suidani was responding to the statement made by the Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau stating investigation is still ongoing regarding the impounded medical equipment, which was released last week. 

The medical equipment was released last week to Premier Suidani where he already handed them over to the Malaita Provincial Health and Medical Services to be used to elevate Malaita Province preparedness against covid -19. 

The premier said the equipment was released based on instruction from the Attorney General's office. 

Even after the release of the equipment, Commissioner Mangau in a statement said police are still investigating, "how the consignment came in and the address used which is owned by someone and is not a right address,"  a statement that attracted a lot of negative response from the public on social media. 

Responding to this, Premier Suidani said Malaita covid-19 equipment is now water under the bridge but added said continuous investigation revealed by the Police Commissioner even after the Malaita covid equipment were released does not make sense. 

"It is time for the government and police to tell the truth instead of trying to manipulate the public over the impounded Malaita covid-19 equipment. 

"It should be a non-case at the first place should the national government and police not disturb the delivery of the medical equipment to Malaita Province." 

The premier said he was surprised to learn that police are still interested in the Malaita covid-19 equipment case even after its release. 

An investigation carried out by this paper revealed that the person of interest that the consignment was addressed to goes by the name of Richard Olita is an active worker under the Malaita Provincial Government. 

When asked if police ever called him, emailed him, or questioned him face to face regarding the Malaita covid equipment, he said since the confiscation of the medical equipment last month police he was not approached him. 

The answer revealed by Mr.Olita raised questions over if police had actually conducted an investigation into the case or police were just waiting to take orders from the national government on such matters. 

Malaita Provincial Government through a former Attorney General served a legal notice for the government to release impounded Malaita covid equipment before August 24 which the government obeyed and did as requested. 

Premier Suidani thanked the national government and police for complying.

The equipment was handed over to the Malaita Provincial Health and Medical Service over the weekend and ready to serve its intended purpose. 

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