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Suidani faces motion

26 August 2020
Daniel Suidani.

Motion of no confidence against premier looms

Auki News Bureau


TALKS are underway for a possible motion of no confidence against the outspoken Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani.

Information obtained stated a group of MPAs with the backing of the national government MPs are currently lobbying MPAs within the Malaita Provincial Assembly to try to form a new government with a new premier.

Information gathered further stated that the national government used sacked MPAs from the MARA executive to carry out the wish of the national government to bring Premier Suidani down. 

Premier Suidani in an interview with this paper confirmed the move saying the group is trying their best to oust the MARA government.

The premier said his executive, including his deputy, is aware of the move to oust the MARA government from office. 

Information obtained further pointed out that four MPAs within the MARA government are in support of the move and are working behind the scene to topple the MARA government from within, with pressure and support from the national government.  

Premier Suidani told this paper that in times like this, Malaitans that have a heart for Malaita Province should stick together for the betterment of the people and the province. 

The premier said MARA government is doing well citing that only people with selfish and self-serving agendas are obsessed with bringing down his MARA government. 

It is understood the move to oust the Malaita outspoken premier is to ensure the next government that comes into power bows down to the wish of the national government. 

The premier calls on Christians in Malaita to continue to pray for the right leadership for the province in light of the political tension that is building within the Malaita Provincial Government.