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Uncle kills young nephew

27 August 2020

A FOUR months old baby boy was allegedly murdered by his uncle, father’s younger brother (uncle) whilst asleep.

The alleged incident happened at Alasi village in East Kwaio of Malaita Province.

The murder took place at around midday on Saturday when the parent of the baby went out to dig taro at a nearby swamp.

According to reports received from Auki Police, the parent of the deceased baby left the baby with his paternal grandmother.

In the course of the babysitting, the grandmother prepared the baby to sleep as the suspect who is the uncle of the baby instructed his mother (deceased’s grandmother) to put him to sleep on the bed.

The mother who is unaware of his son's intention took the instruction and laid the baby to sleep and walked outside to attend to another grandchild.

Information gathered from police said the suspect went into the room where the deceased was sleeping, stretched a mosquito net nylon material, and strangled the baby’s neck with it which killed him instantly.

The suspect then took the deceased to another room and placed his dead body between two bottles and escaped.

When the grandmother returned to check on the baby, she noticed the baby missing.

The grandmother then alerted others about her missing grandson and a search was conducted.

They eventually found the body of the baby in another room. 

The father of the baby upon learning about the action of his younger brother hunted him with the intention of retaliation but could not locate as he escaped to an unknown location.  

According to Auki RSIPF Operation Commander Charles Eddie Koto, Police have arrested the murder suspect and is being placed on remand since Tuesday this week. 

The murder suspect is now at the Auki Correctional Center. 

The motive of the killing was not known.

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