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Mitigation, sentencing next for accused 

27 August 2020
Two of the vehicles the men damaged.

MITIGATION and sentencing submissions on the case of the men accused of damaging properties belonging to the North Malaita MP Senley Levi Fiualea will be made tomorrow.

The submissions on the case of Iki Olomea, Simon Safusi, Arnold Emarald, Chris Lusibaea, George Lusibaea, and two male juveniles, both aged 17 was supposed to be made on Wednesday.

However, the presiding magistrate was sick and unable to hear the matter.

This matter amongst other matters before Principal Magistrate Tearo Beneteti was therefore adjourned to tomorrow.

The seven accused men are facing charges of criminal trespass and willful and unlawful damage or destruction.

They have already pleaded guilty to the charges on a previous court occasion.

The charges relate to the incident happened at about 7 am on 30 November 2019 at Fiualea’s residence at Kombivatu, East Honiara.

The men trespassed into the MP’s area and damaged these properties including his vehicles.

The MP and his family were still sleeping when the group arrived in three vehicles.

The matter was reported to the police resulted in the arrest of these seven men.

Private lawyer John Taupongi is representing all accused while Public Prosecutor Jonathan Lui Auga for the Crown.

Honiara, Newsroom