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TSI hail MP

03 September 2020

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Island (TSI) commends Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Kenilorea Jnr for reasons given with regard to his intention to return the money to the Economic Stimulus Package Committee. 

One of the reasons is that it is only a decision by Cabinet and not Parliament, he said.

In supporting and commending Mr. Kenilorea Jnr’s intention, Transparency Solomon Islands said it understands and fully acknowledges that the ESP is provided for under the Emergency Powers Regulations.  

“In that regulation, there is no provision to say that $600,000.00 of this ESP package will be channeled through Members of Parliaments, thus our commendation and support for the MP’s intention,” the statement said.  

Transparency Solomon Islands said reading through this is that the East Are’Are Constituency will not be deprived of this $600,000.00. 

Mr. Kenilorea notified the responsible authority for the ESP of their role, with regard to ESP processes, and that MPs do not have the capacity to handle this. 

“It should be noted that Hon. Peter Kenilorea Jnr did notify the ESP committee of potential recipients of the ESP in his Constituency of East Are’Are.” 

TSI supports the reasons given by the member of parliament for East Are’Are with regard to his intention to return the ESP funds back to ESP Committee. 

“This intention should not however be used by ESP authorities to deprive East Are Are Constituency of the $600,000.00.   

“The ESP being public money needs to be properly accounted for and this was TSI support. If a Member of Parliament says he does not have the capacity to handle ESP together with RCDF ESP Committee should step in and be responsible and accountable for this fund. 

“The issues and concerns raised are important and must be acknowledged by the Executive Government and its Economic Stimulus Package Committee.

“If questions are now being asked and demand for the funds to go through Hon Peter Kenilorea then is there a question of trust with regard to the processes and how the ESP Committee has handled the Economic Stimulus Package,” the statement said.