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Police wives must respect their husbands

04 September 2020
Auki Police station.

A CONCERNED Malaita woman is calling on wives of police officers to be responsible and show respect to their husbands, especially in public.

Alice Mae made the call after witnessing a wife of a police officer arguing and uttering swearing words at her husband who is a police officer in public recently in Auki.

Mrs. Mae said women who have husbands serving in the police force should approach their husbands with respect saying that the public has respect for police and it is degrading to see their own wives acting otherwise. 

She said women should be the center of peace in their families and not the other way round. 

She said it is wise for women who have husbands served in the force to talk issues over with their husbands in private and solve it in private to uphold the integrity of their men. 

“It is not good for the public to respect your husband officers whilst you are acting in direct contravention to basic principles of respect, "she said. 

Auki News Bureau