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09 September 2020
Malaita PS Fredrick Fa'abasua.

Ready to foot provincial secretary’s bill

Auki News Bureau


THE Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) is prepared to keep the Provincial Secretary (PS) Fredrick Fa'abasua in the office if no reason was given for his recall.

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel highlighted this when he addressed the public at the Auki Central Market, Tuesday.

He said the deadline imposed on the government for the reinstatement of the Provincial Secretary by the people of Malaita had lapsed as of yesterday.

He said since the national government failed to act as demanded by the people of Malaita, his executive is stepping in to take up the issue.

“Whilst my government is very much indebted for not taking the law into your own hands, it is worth informing the public of Malaita that your demand and call for the reinstatement of the Malaita Provincial Secretary has fallen on deaf ears,” Mr Suidani said.

He said his executive has relooked at a resolution passed earlier this year and has agreed to keep PS Fa'abasua in office. 

“The provincial government is ready to foot the bill for Mr. Fa'abasua to remain as the PS for Malaita Province,” he said. 

The premier said the PS has given the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) seven days to respond and explain why he is recalled.

This was because the letter of recall fails to clearly state the real reason(s) why he was recalled, the premier said.

Mr. Suidani said that unless his executive is fully convinced beyond doubt that the PS is in breach or has broken the law, his executive will do everything in its power to keep him in office because he is the right person for the job.