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DPM: “Bribery allegation, shocking”

09 September 2020
Deputy Prime Minister, Manasseh Maelanga.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Maelanga has rebuffed cheap allegation that he was in the Malaita Provincial Capital Auki yesterday to lobby for the downfall of Premier Daniel Suidani. 

Responding on Wednesday, Hon. Maelanga said, a Facebook post last night by a Malaita Political Advisor claiming that he carried huge cash to lure Malaita Provincial Members to dethrone Premier Suidani in a vote of no confidence was an outright lie and borders on defamation of character. 

“This is baffling. There are standard government procedures in dealing with the on-going stand-off between the Malaita Provincial Government and the National Government. I don’t deal with it personally,” said Hon. Maelanga. 

The Deputy Prime Minister explains, his trip is purely on constituency issues and has absolutely nothing to do with the ongoing Malaita Province versus National Government political row. 

“I am on a tight constituency schedule for the next three days. I arrived at Gwaunaru’u airport yesterday and head east to my constituency for a three-day program,” he elaborated. 

The Deputy Prime Minister and East Malaita MP is shocked to learn that his usual constituency visit is portrayed online as an attempt to bribe the Malaita Provincial Assembly members to overthrow the Suidani led government.

“Today, I meet with our community council representatives, handing over of a school project and checking the current road construction affected by the continuous heavy downpour,” Hon. Maelanga outlined.

He said, publishing unfounded information online tarnishes his reputation. 

The Deputy Prime Minister warns social media users to refrain from spreading fake news because it can potentially backfire. 

- Government Communications Unit