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Parents meet gov’t officials

15 September 2020
Parents of students in the Philippines during the dialogue meeting on Monday.

PARENTS and guardians of our students studying in Philippines are satisfied with the outcome of the dialogue they held with government officials, Monday.

The Philippines Students Parents Committee (PSPC) met with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Permanent Secretary Pauline McNeil, Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development Permanent Secretary Dr Franco Rodie and other government officials.

The meeting was held at the National Auditorium.

Speaking at the closing of the dialogue PSPC chairman Rex Maehui said the parents are satisfied with the dialogue and are looking forward to seeing their children returning home in the three scheduled flights.

The parents have been seeking answers from the government to confirm the repatriation of the students and the welfare the students after six students tested positive for COVID-19.

The parents were assured that the Oversight Committee has already scheduled the three flights which will bright the students home safely.

Dr Rodie said despite the different ideology on the issues regarding our students in the Philippines they have solved it.

“I am so overwhelmed by the spirit and energy that I was observing radiating, resonating within my inner feelings, that together we can solve our own problem and bring back our students safely,” he said.

The meeting agreed that after the first flight, a similar dialogue will be held between the parties again to update parents and guardians on the status of students returning in the second and third flights.

A total of 385 Solomon Islanders are studying and living in the Philippines.

Newsroom, Honiara