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Students in Philippines COVID-19 test

18 September 2020
S.I Students in Philippines get tested for COVID-19 by Red Cross in Philippines. [Photo supplied]

THE COVID-19 tests for the 1st and 2nd batches of students in the Philippines have been completed.

This was the first out of three tests for COVID-19 for our students in their respective areas according to the students in the Philippines.

This paper is informed that the testing is carried out accordingly and the students are currently following strict measures to make sure they are safe from the virus while waiting for the scheduled repatriation arranged by the national government.

According to the students, a second test will commence after a week.

While some of them already received their results, most of them are still waiting especially those who were tested on Wednesday of this week.

 Some of them are expected to receive their results today.

Meanwhile the COVID-19 Oversight Committee told the press on Wednesday that there is an ongoing arrangement to move the first and second batches of students to two hotels for self-isolation purposes.

Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers said that the government is looking at the option to move the 1st and 2nd batches to two hotels in Manila to keep those who tested negative after three tests waiting for their flights.

Dr Rodgers said that the two hotels were identified to keep the Solomon Island students whilst awaiting their flights. 

He further added that only the students will use the two hotels.

“However, this arrangement is not free and the government is committed to footing the hotel bills,” he said.

The students in Philippines confirmed to this paper yesterday that they are aware of the arrangements.

One student told this paper that they are aware that the government is finding it difficult to quickly address things because Solomon Island does not have a diplomatic mission in Manila.

Honiara, Newsroom



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