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ESP screening on schedule 

18 September 2020
McKinnie Dentana.

THE Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and Chair of the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) Oversight Committee Mr Mackinnie Dentana said that the screening and approval process are on schedule. 

Mr Dentana made the revelation during the COVID-19 talk back show over the national broadcaster on Sunday 13 September.

He said that his team was busy over the past weeks with the huge number of applications coming in for the tourism and fisheries sectors.

He however said that there is a fair bit yet to complete for tourism and fisheries because of the huge number of applications.

He said that this week, his team will focus on livestock and piggery applications.

Mr Dentana further said that the needed data for ease of assessment and screening for the two sectors has been completed.

“This week will see the screening committee assess the applications,” he added.

He added that after the completion of livestock and piggery applications, his team will move on to complete the remaining applications for Tourism and Fisheries. 

“Fisheries have a large number of applications and it will take time for us to complete the data.

“I am hoping to complete this task by this week and assessment should start by next week. 

“The difficult part is the verification side of things.

 “It must be made clear that not all applications will receive the package because the committee has identified a good number of false and opportunist applications.

“However, we are still on schedule as we plan to approve all applications by the end of this month and the team is working very hard on that,” Mr Dentana said.

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