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Students’ head to hotel

19 September 2020
S.I students in Philippines transported to the hotel. [Photo supplied]

Awaiting final tests and first repatriation flight

Honiara Newsroom

THE first batch of students passing their first COVID-19 test in the Philippines is moving into their designated hotels to wait for their final two tests and first repatriation flights.

Report reaching Solomon Star from the Philippines confirmed late on Friday.

It was reported from a reliable source on the ground that those who have been tested negative in the first round are already transported to their designated hotels.

‘They will be isolated in their rooms waiting to undergo the second and third tests before they can board the first repatriation flight to Solomon Island,” the source said.

The first repatriation flight will be on the 27th of this month.

It was understood that Philippines is categorised as a high risk COVID-19 country.

The source also added that the 2nd batch will also be transported today to their designated hotels.

However, it is understood that only those with negative results will be allowed to go.

This paper also understands that the COVID-19 Oversight Committee has been doing all the arrangement in Honiara for the repatriation to be successful.

At the moment 12 students have been tested positive but are yet to show the signs of COVID-19.