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PNG, SI police exchange program continues

24 September 2020
Dr. John Balavu, PNG High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands.

THE Police Exchange Program between Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the Solomon Islands is an ongoing program under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on the 4th of June 2018 in Honiara.

Papua New Guinea High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Dr. John Balavu told this paper in an interview on Tuesday this week.

He said the MOU sets out the framework between the two police forces in terms of cooperation on law enforcement issues and the exchange of information.

Dr. Bavalu further explained that the areas of cooperation covered under the MOU include joint coordinated operations, training, exchange of personnel, community policing, border security, transnational crime investigation prosecution and other areas of needs.

“In 2019 PNG police force provided training to twelve policemen from the Solomon Islands eleven male officers and one female undergo some training in Port Moresby,” he added.

Dr Balavu told this paper that the PNG government would like to see the continuation of that either their police force coming to Solomon Islands to be exposed to the operation and the environment.

“Likewise your police officers go to PNG to be exposed to the sort of challenges we face so by sharing this information we can try to enhance our capacities,” he stressed.

He also said that in 2012 PNG police force was able to donate about four motorcycles to the Solomon Islands police force.

When asked if there’s are a timeline for this arrangement Dr. Balavu said unfortunately there was no indication on the notes that he was given but it was supposed to be reviewed every year.

“This is because circumstances change and yes new changes take place and they need to be incorporated in that understanding,” he stressed.

PNG and Solomon Islands government established their formal diplomatic ties on the 17th August 1978.


Dr. Balavu said that both countries' relations continue to grow in strength until today.

Newsroom, Honiara